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Feuilles d'arbre
Feuilles d'arbre

10 years already!

ACQO - Père Noël 17-12-2022
ACQO - Père Noël 17-12-2022

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Brocante acqo déc 2022
Brocante acqo déc 2022

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ACQO - Père Noël 17-12-2022
ACQO - Père Noël 17-12-2022

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Welcome to the #Village Ordener-Poteau where our traders are pleased to welcome you.

Throughout the year, here are offered Artistic, Cultural, Qualitative and Original Animations

Read the President's letter in French

Discover the video by Romain Carré-Mattéi of Temperance on the inauguration of the illuminations of November 25, 2021  HERE .

Find Romain on instagram: @temperanceproduction.

To be read the French article of 01/02/2022 on ACQO Paris published by the CCI Paris in the newspaper La Vitrine. HERE



Between the Butte Montmartre and the Flea markets of Clignancourt and Saint-Ouen, the #Village Ordener-Poteau, where life is good, is a lively and historically commercial Parisian district with its typical small shops.

#Village Ordener-Poteau
restaurant - verre de vin - côtelettes d'agneau
Bars   Restaurants Hotels

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.

Poissons et Herbes Knolling
Food shops
Mannequins dans une boutique
Fashion Jewelry Optical
Étagère avec des cosmétiques
Beauty care - Health

To discover all those who participate in the life of the #Village Ordener-Poteau, click on the photo.

Salon lumineux
Home Design Culture

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