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To discover all those who participate in the life of the #Village Ordener-Poteau, click on the photo.

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Download the 2023-2024 membership form

Merchants, join us!

ACQO - Sticker rectangulaire 12 x 12 - 2021-2022 orangé.jpg

You are a merchant, craftsman or M / F service provider in the #Village Ordener-Poteau, become a member of our association and show that you are invested in your neighborhood.

Also take advantage of opportunities thanks to:

  • a community of independent professionals

  • a friendly place for discussion and sharing 

  • a dedicated website updated regularly

  • our animations and illuminations at the end of the year

  • information about your economic and social environment

  • a permanent representation at the Paris Ile-de-France CCI

  • a gateway to access elected officials and administrations (SIE, URSSAF, DRIEETS, Pôle Emploi, Commissariat, etc.)

  • cohesion with other associations of traders and local cultural and artistic associations. ​


Membership fees vary depending on the type of business and where it is located.


With us, be an ACTOR in your neighborhood by contributing to the end-of-year illuminations of the #Village Ordener-Poteau, Easter egg hunt, the painting exhibitions, the music festival,  etc ...

Commerçants, rejoignez-nous !
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